Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Smiling like an idiot

Bad thoughts comes free with bad days of life...!! It always happens with everyone, But it's depend on that person how comfortably he or she handle it.
One of my bad thought which always run in my mind is that "Am i ever get a imperfect person who accept my imperfection and i accept his imperfection? " Now days, my eyes are looking for answer in quotes (the only things which i regularly read ). And one-day I read a quote ::
"After a while, you just want to be with one that makes you laugh !!"

Many times I read the same quote but i never find any special feeling. But today when i read the same thing, I was smiling like a idiot :) Because I got a answer of my question after many days. Simply I reverse the sentence and think like, "Spreading happiness in surrounding environment is the only aim of my life. And for me, Make people smile is a easiest task of my life. Then those people always wish me to be part of their life.Why am i thinking the topic in which I am expert ? :)"
My heart smiled like an idiot and memorizing a song  " Together make you love, Forever making you smile :) "