Monday, 14 October 2013


Whenever i make timetable, at the end of the time i only think that was my waste of time. so i decided  that i have only one sentence in my TIMETABLE. and that is "WAKE UP". wake up from failures , wake up from tiredness, and much more.... and also WAKE UP FROM BED AT MORNING ..... so now onward my timetable has one and only sentence is "WAKE UP"

Monday, 30 September 2013

Some People Follow Me Silently

"Some People Follow me silently" when my heart speaks those words, I am Happy - I am very very much Happy. But then My Heart says ,
"I am not completed Yet..." . 
"Some People Follow me silently but they don't like me." Why..?? Because of jealously ? any another reason? I am not capable to guess any reason. I want to know but for that i friendly ask that follower, but I have not enough strength to ask. So Question stay Question in my Mind until life ends.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Relationship status between Single | Mingle

Today, I am not discussing about MY STATUS. but about those, who are Mingle but say that "Hey... Nothing Between US , I am Single ". I just hate that sentence, as well those people .if you are Mingle
than why are behaving like Single .
I think they are waiting for more than they have. (or FEAR)  I am not saying that they have to shouting all around, but not even hiding from close friends. if you have feeling, then share that feeling to others(friends) also. "It's just my view , don't take it personally, KEEP GOING."

Friday, 27 September 2013

Inspiration Of My Life

Who is your inspirational Personality ?.. Albert Einstein ? Steve jobs ? Mark Zuckerberg ? I am also impress by them but not inspire by them. because my philosophy about inspiration is some what different than others... Some What... !!!!  My Inspiration is a thing what i want in my life, Most of things are SOULLESS. Things are.... "Online Shopping Site" , "Duster A Dream Car" , "Delood Design Magazine". They make me more and more hard worker. Other People's inspirations are not in-front of them,they trust on that Virtual Personality .But I have Virtual Things as a Inspiration."I CAN DAILY SEE MY INSPIRATION , FEEL THEM , AND WORK FOR THEM". I know at some time, i get all of them.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Two Ways Of My Life

Two ways of my life which leads to me write that blog. Usually i love to write but i don't try it in public (as a blog). This is my first blog as well. for me "" domain is somewhat like my diary.
I was hardly try to write daily diary but because of my's not possible.. sorry i back to my topic... "Two ways of my life".... because i am finale year student...and because it's finale year. atmosphere all around is about placement... placement placement placement.... and before any company will come to our collage. i decided to go for master......not because of fear .it's because i am planning to make future on web-designing and i want some time to learn about that. but this time first company which comes at our collage for placement was placed most of my friends . and don't think i am jealous. I AM HAPPY FOR THEM but if i was try that company.. i am with my most of friends but that time i am think that "I NEVER WANT SAFE FUTURE, I WANT SATISFACTION FROM MY LIFE" so that i am on second track of my life. "TAKE RISK AND MAKE HEART HAPPY".