Monday, 26 October 2015

A leaf of love

I decided to draw a leaf,
whenever I'll miss him.
Hope, he will come back
before Autumn will come into my story !!

Who like the waiting part of life ?
but who don't like that one meet after a long period of waiting ?

When he left, I come to know,
his fingertips don't always touch, only my body,
but that one is SOUL touch.

When he left, I come to know,
places look empty without him..!!
flowers,food, even water.... Nature is losing it's taste day by day.

When he left, I come to know,
Someone scold me on my little mistakes,
to love me on my little things...!!

When will he come back ?
When he left,
and when he'll come back,
in that time period,
I surely,
becoming more me,
becoming more him,
realizing more us.

Hello October !! welcome autumn.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Still he is confused !!

Still he is confused !!
Does he more like her fearness,
or her craziness !!
and She,
She say yes to all challenges of life,
she know,
he is always there, besides her.
and she show all her madness to him,
she want,
to take all wild ride of life with him.

Whatever he likes,
all her moves for him,
because she doesn't want to show only her God,
but also her Demons.
so that he loves her all- good & bad.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Today's struggle will make your tomorrow wonderful !!

Battles, we fight for....
One day we will shine for....

Hidden secrets, we cry for....
One day Our smiles will bright for...

Words, we says to us...
One day they will be worth written for...

Time, we survive for...
One day that time will create our story wonderful...

That day he said, I am sorry for.. YOU !!
I said, "Everything happens for a reason. May be right now reason is unknown for...." !!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Fall for !

He asked,
"By which words do you like to be praised ?"
"Pretty mind,
free soul,
down to earth,
unbreakable promises,
adorable nature,
confident woman,
truthful advices,
He,"Please.... stop telling more
I am already falling for