Thursday, 26 September 2013

Two Ways Of My Life

Two ways of my life which leads to me write that blog. Usually i love to write but i don't try it in public (as a blog). This is my first blog as well. for me "" domain is somewhat like my diary.
I was hardly try to write daily diary but because of my's not possible.. sorry i back to my topic... "Two ways of my life".... because i am finale year student...and because it's finale year. atmosphere all around is about placement... placement placement placement.... and before any company will come to our collage. i decided to go for master......not because of fear .it's because i am planning to make future on web-designing and i want some time to learn about that. but this time first company which comes at our collage for placement was placed most of my friends . and don't think i am jealous. I AM HAPPY FOR THEM but if i was try that company.. i am with my most of friends but that time i am think that "I NEVER WANT SAFE FUTURE, I WANT SATISFACTION FROM MY LIFE" so that i am on second track of my life. "TAKE RISK AND MAKE HEART HAPPY".