Monday, 26 October 2015

A leaf of love

I decided to draw a leaf,
whenever I'll miss him.
Hope, he will come back
before Autumn will come into my story !!

Who like the waiting part of life ?
but who don't like that one meet after a long period of waiting ?

When he left, I come to know,
his fingertips don't always touch, only my body,
but that one is SOUL touch.

When he left, I come to know,
places look empty without him..!!
flowers,food, even water.... Nature is losing it's taste day by day.

When he left, I come to know,
Someone scold me on my little mistakes,
to love me on my little things...!!

When will he come back ?
When he left,
and when he'll come back,
in that time period,
I surely,
becoming more me,
becoming more him,
realizing more us.

Hello October !! welcome autumn.