Monday, 31 August 2015

Two girls - One Mirror !!

Two girls,
in-front of one Mirror !!
Unknown to each-other....
but started to know each other.
By comparing each other...
At one end,
She has good eyebrow.
At another end,
She has cute face.
Comparison goes on.

One left place...
Both left connection there !!
Left one girl again look herself,
in same mirror.
I have curly hair,
I have skinny legs....
Compliments goes on.
At the end she thought,
I looked more beautiful alone
in Mirror.

To all beautiful - lovely girls,
You always look more beautiful
the way you are.
Look at yourself by your own eyes,
because eyes is also a mirror, gifted by God.
Why compare ?
Start to compliment !! 

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

I am... !!

I am Galaxy.
If you want to explore me...
You have to come far away just for me !!

I am peacock.
If you want to dance with me...
You have to get wet in rains with me !!

I am star.
If you want to shine with me....
You have to be as brighter as me !!

I am light.
If you want to hug me...
You have to travel with my speed !!

I am fire.
If you want to kiss me...
You have to burn with me !!

I am honeybee.
If you want to taste me...
You have to be around me... always !!

I am paradise.
If you want to live with me...
You have to die for me !! 

Monday, 17 August 2015

Everything will be okay soon ...

I know...
You are feeling pain right know !!
I know...
You feel, right now saddest person in this world is you !!
But, Believe ...
Believe in YOU...
Believe in Time......
Because Time is running...
even you feel yourself as steady !!
even you don't have strength for move on from
where you are standing right now.
Time will move on,and
with Time you will move on.

Just Believe...
Believe on your belief !!

Everything will be okay soon..!!

Thursday, 6 August 2015


Promise me that,
You will not define me.
Because I have my own definition.

Promise me that,
You will never get angry on me...
But you can get angry on my things.

Promise me that,
You will never leave me alone for others,
But You will leave me alone with myself for sometimes.

Promise me that,
You don't feel unsecured,

Because You are very much secure in my heart.

Promise me that,
You will never break my hearts,
But You can break my promises :)))