Thursday, 14 August 2014

Conversions with myself

Me to myself :: Am I really independent....??
Myself to me :: No, not a really.But I want to feel independent myself before dying.
Me to myself :: What's yr plan to win this world...??
Myself to me :: Answer is in your question. "World"
Me to myself :: :O
Myself to me :: Yeah, One day I want to reach at that level. When world see me always right. My decisions for myself is only taken by me and no-one's perspective change my decision. I want to become a person who don't need anyone's permission to live my life.
If I want to go somewhere, I just go without any fear.
If I want to try something new, Try it without think about it's risk.
Simply, If I want to fly, I just fly without doubting a little on my wings.
At that point I say, Yeah I am independent and when all people in my country feel exactly like me, I say Yeah... "India is independent country" :)