Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Should I have to really think about Marriage ?

Really ? Should I have to think on this so called topic ? Marriage..??
because I am 22 years old.Is this reason enough for thinking ? No, it's not enough reason for me, maturity is not come with your age. It's just number for me. 
Next one please. 
because My parents are waiting to meet my future husband and his family(more eagerly than me) but I am not thinking a little bit about him. So go for next one..!!
because your all friends are looking for their partner, You also have to think on it . Bull shit..!! Everyone has rights to think about their dreams and choosing their own way to compete it. I am doing the same, I am busy in making my life. 

My thinking is simple,"I don't have to listen anyone's reason for marriage but when I get enough reason to marry a guy, I will not wait for his proposal, I'll go and propose him " 
Comment your one..!! I have enough ways to answer your reason..!! ;)